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Hi all!
Lurker for a while now... first post. Couldn't resist the 'hatch' thread. :)

First though, (being as this thread seemed to turn into a 'keyless' vs 'keyed' one) I have to say this is our first keyless unit. And I can't imagine how we've gone so long without it! I mean seriously guys.... touch a button and it unlocks, touch a button and it locks. Get in and don't have to fumble for your keys, just push the button. Even my wife (and trust me here), this girl DOES NOT LIKE CHANGE absolutely LOVES IT! LOL Not having to pull the keyfob out of your pocket to lock it (and have the horn honk) she likes. Not having to get it out of her pocket, (or purse) when getting in and out is a godsend when her hands are full from shopping.

Moving on.......

We bought a big ol' Silverado 4x4 back in July (Costco Limited Edition) and here just over a month ago we took ownership of a 2017 Premier hatch RS in Kinetic Blue. My wife has always driven big SUV's, but last year she started driving her dads car after he passed, and decided as a DD, getting 30mpg isn't all that bad. ;)

So... we waited till we could find the very first hatch in the southeast with the right color, with what we wanted on it and pulled the trigger. Well actually.... there wasn't one ANYWHERE NEAR Atlanta that was loaded like we wanted. Everything out there was cheaper, a LOT CHEAPER than what she'd been building online. Finally we found two, 1 was north of Birmingham, the other was north of Clearwater. Called Costco and told them we wanted to go through them for another car, took that certificate to my dealer along with a $500 deposit check, and they went to get the car in Alabama.

Picked it up on the Friday after Thanksgiving totally unprepped. Heck, we didn't even pay for it till the following Monday. I don't EVER let a dealer prep or wash my vehicles because you always, and I mean ALWAYS end up with what we call DISO on the car. (DISO stands for Dealer Installed Swirl Option and is just that.... swirls all through the paint from the typical washing practices of dealerships. Not to mention swirling wheels of doom car washes they seem to all be buying and driving cars through which just destroys the paint!) :( The car showed up with the tag bracket already mounted in the front grill. Bad BAD idea! Why a dealership chooses to punch holes in a grill (or bumper in some) to mount a bracket WHEN THAT STATE DOESN'T REQUIRE IT is beyond me. My dealership however doesn't do that, and took a grill from another RS and put in ours a few days later. That was a deal breaker on that front. And FWIW, the orange one that they took the grill off of, it's still sitting on the lot. ;)

The very next week I took her to my tint guy and did the full Huper Optik ceramic tint treatment to her. :wink: Even did 70% on the windshield being as my wife drives it to work and it stays parked outside all day. (*Did buy a nice folding sun shade of course, but the difference the tint makes is night and day when it comes to blocking UV and heat.*)

I am retired, but I'm also a high end detailer. By that I'm saying I'll spend 20, 30 or more hours repairing the mess that body shops, dealerships and especially local car washes make on folks vehicles.
The first thing I do when buying a new vehicle is break out my PTG (paint thickness gauge) and take paint readings. Really gets the attention of the sales guys!:tongue4:

I can say that I was pleasantly surprised that the Cruze has quite a bit of paint on it. Much MUCH more than the Silverado!!!!! Measures 115 microns even in the thinnest places. (Where the Silverado doesn't have 100 microns ANYWHERE ON IT!)

Don't have any photos uploaded to a hosting site, but I'll pop some in via Tapatalk. :eek:ccasion14:
The only option the car didn't have on it when we bought it was the chrome body moldings on the doors. Those were LPO items only till 2 weeks ago. I tried to order them a month back and couldn't get them. Finally got an email from Chevy on new items, and low-and-behold... there they were. The problem is... ordered them from and it took well over a week for them to show up at the dealership. Looks darned good on the little car though.

Anywho..... long first post for sure. Thought I'd start off with a good one. :wave:
Anyone need any detailing help, just shoot me a note.



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As promised in the above reply, here are a few shots of lil blue.

Sorry about the exposure on the first ones as it was dark when I got the side moldings on the other night.

There we go.

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