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Foxwell NT510 claims to do this in the 145-175 buck range, claims to read both ABS and SRS codes, interactive, lets you kick on the ABS pump for proper bleeding as well as other BCM stuff. Order it for the vehicle you have, 60 bucks extra for different vehicle software. Kicking this around.

How bad is this thing, ours was rear ended by a drunk, unibody had ripples in it clear to the front. Government sure cleaned up on this, we really had to battle to get even close to a fair settlement. When the airbags kick off, have to get a salvage title.

Guys I knew that were making a good living dealing with so-called repairables are not doing this anymore, could never recover their investment. Never thought I would see the day, where its cheaper to buy a new vehicle, replacement parts are outrageous.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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