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Howdy, snow tires! Great to re-meet you! It's been about 9 months since we last met! How was your summer off? Too hot? Agreed, too bloody hot. Well, it's that time of year, eh, old chap?

Now for the photos:

My Cruze on its 5-spoke winter alloys:

The wheels are Rage A5's, which are no longer available. The size is 16"x7", or a little wider than stock 16" wheels.

And the snow tires:

Nokian Hakka R's in 215/60-16 that are going on their 3rd season. I have about 20k miles on them already.

The hubs and wheel surfaces that contact the hubs got dolled up with antiseize, and I adjusted the rear drums while the wheels were off. Both sides needed about 4 clicks to get back in adjustment. I'd rather have the traction and stability control be effective for the rears than not.
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