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screw help

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Okay so it happen to me. I was painting my heat shield on my cruze when i dropped the torx screw into the car frame. After 40 minutes, alot of cursing and some good scratches to my hand the screw fell futher in behind the left headlight.

Instead of tearing the car apart to find the single screw i am going to replace it. So where can i find spare screws to hold the heat shield on? I have two holding on tight right now, but i would like the third one back
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Dealer, junk yard, possibly
Junk yard? Homedepot should have a similar size but obviously not a torx screw.
i would do junk yard but NYC just got rid of them all to make way for a parking lot for a baseball field.

Dealer might be an idea, just do not want to evoke thier furry when they find out i been doing more modifications. My car is the most modified when i got to get serviced.
Oh your in NYC - plenty of little hardware shops with specialty screws.
Grade 8 type bolt should work for a heatshield
Isn't there multiple screws in the heatshield? Take one of the ones you haven't lost, and walk into Lowes and just keep comparing the threads until you find one that matches.

While you are at the store buy a magnet to collect screws in the future.
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Buy a car rotisserie know........
Actually, you still have 2 screws on the heat shield and that's all you need.
I agree that two screws should be enough, but take one of those screws out, and go to a small mom and pop hardware store. Match the threads. They will show you how to do it. It will be metric threads, and get the correct length. Not something too long, if anything go a little short.

Another source is google These guys seem to have nearly everything, but it will be a $5.00 bolt.
+1 for taking one of the bolts to a hardware store and matching up a replacement. If you want them all to match then just buy 3 replacement hex bolts (probably 8 or 10mm heads). Total cost will still probably be several bucks cheaper than just 1 O.E.M. replacement bolt form the dealer.
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LOL from the title I thought you were saying eff everyone who tried to help you on an ongoing project or something. I also found home depot is great for the Subaru actuator pins that will disappear forever.
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