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seat belt chime

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hi folks can anyone tell me how to remove this annoying noise is there a plug below the seat or is it attached to the seat belt holder ????
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Myself and the CruzeTalk community are not responsible if you get into a situation that a seat belt could have saved your life or minimized bodily damage... Take caution when doing the following below.

3 Options

*Buckle your seat belt with it on you the right way as intended by the manufacturer or behind you. I still would at least suggest the lap belt and tuck the shoulder belt even tho this still will not work as intended by the manufacturer in a crash.

*Disable the beep from under the dash, my Subaru seat belt clasp electronically broke and I wasn't going to buy a new one just to turn off the light when I actually use my seat belt. For that car buckle and unbuckle the seat belt 20 times before the airbag test light went out disabled it temporarily for like months. After that i cut open my ECU and gutted the speaker for it. Maybe a GM Tech can go in there and disable it($$$$) or maybe it's a option with the tuner like the CEL for o2.

*Buy the eBay seat belt clip that simply buckles into the seat belt clasp and has the words "Cruze" on it. Not at home so can't search eBay for the actual product because it's blocked.
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