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seat belt chime

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hi folks can anyone tell me how to remove this annoying noise is there a plug below the seat or is it attached to the seat belt holder ????
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I saw two connectors under the driver's seat of my 2014 Cruze. Disconnecting the one nearer the center of the car disabled the chime. The disengage lever (which must be compressed to separate the connector) is on the male end, which is nearer the door than the female end. The disengage lever is recessed, on the rear side of the male connector; of which 3 mm is visible when connected. All of this may be easier if you remove the wire harness from the steel plate above. Getting to the clips on the top side of the steel plate is also a nuisance.
You do not need to cut, file & insert a paper clip like I did. (That will cause the seat belt chime to go off.) Just realize that an open door will also cause a chime.
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