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seat belt chime

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hi folks can anyone tell me how to remove this annoying noise is there a plug below the seat or is it attached to the seat belt holder ????
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If you set your parking brake while stopped the chime stops since the car knows it won't be moving. Also, the one time my wife inadvertently forgot her seat belt it only chimed about once every 30 seconds - enough to make you wonder what's going on but not enough to be annoying if I had already known. Having raised kids I understand what you're saying about keeping the A/C running while stopped, but once again, you need to set your parking brake and put the car in park (automatic) or neutral (manual) before dealing with the kid who dropped whatever they were playing with. The chime is a safety feature - recognize it for what it is - the car saying something isn't right.

Now the chime with the key in run and the driver's door open and window down is annoying.
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