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seat belt chime

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hi folks can anyone tell me how to remove this annoying noise is there a plug below the seat or is it attached to the seat belt holder ????
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Well, there are situations where the belt is a pita........Safetycrats will always pop up when the question is asked.

My personnal experience: I own a airplane hangar and it is my 'Man Cave'.
It is a private airfield.
Even though it has heat/water/lights etc. what it doesn't have is a way to set up a septic system and there are no city sewer hookups.
So, in addition to sometimes going to the other side of of the airfield, I have to go to the admin. office to take care of business from time to time.....the only washroom at the facility is located there.
All these travels take place on the taxi ways......5 mph tops.....most other vehicles have a large prop on the nose and right of way is their's to keep.
Anyways, since I don't see the need to walk a mile I use the car.....unbelted....I think the odds are with me.
I have the belt chimes turned off on all my vehicles.....except for the Cruze......the sound is built into the radio and the lrft front door speaker is the source.
The only way to defeat the cruze system would be to put a 'dummy' male clasp into the reciever next to the console.

Since I am basicly a cheap screw, when at the airfield with the Cruze, I'll make my short, on field trips, with the thing pinging partial deafness is helpful in ignoring it, rather than buy the clasp.

Anyways, beyond the clasp thingy I see no way to shut it down......have looked at all the available personalization pages while plugged into the bcm.....the only thing available is to turn it down or make it louder, but no 'off command' is available.

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