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Seat heater element testing?

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My driver side heater wont work, I press the button and it flashes for a few seconds and then just turns off. Car's previous owner said he just never bothered replacing it or taking it in, so now I have to figure out which one is bad. From what I can tell, theres a seat and backrest element, one almost twice as much as the other. Is there a way to test them? Would unplugging the bad one let the good one turn on?

So far, it looks like I might need 95025155 and/or 95071253
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My Ram seat heat failed same way, blinking then nothing. Suspecting the seat element was the likely culprit (wear from my fat a$$) I pulled the seat element and visually inspected. Found at least two broken wires.

Opted to replace rather than try to repair, figured it would just keep failing at different areas.
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I believe even with the factory heated seat element there's only two wires. As mentioned above a simple resistance check should work.

You should be able to "unzip" the seat cover on the seatback, and unclip from the springs under the seat and possibly get access to the connectors.

Be careful as some of the heated seat elements were glued to the foam cushion, in this case you might need a cushion and an element. At that point maybe salvage makes sense. I did a lot of research before I added aftermarket heated seats to a 1LT. I wanted to do factory heat, but there's a heated seat module "GM Safeguard nanny" that's required for factory controls. Simply too much to try to integrate, so I did the Dorman aftermarkets.

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