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Seeking Advice. 2014 1.4 Presenting P0016&17 + P0299

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Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce you to Ted, my Gen 1 2014 Ecotec 1.4L Turbo I4 138hp 148ft, American Cruze. He's at 94.5k miles.

Ted's, well, having some issues right now.

Code puller gives me P0016 & 17, as well as P0299

A good preface to the reading below; The car has a small unaddressed coolant leak, and may have been running while 2 quarts low on oil as well as low coolant. I don't know for how long sadly. Car has also not had any of the age appropriate maintenance completed.

Telltale signs of the codes became apparent right after the CEL came on: Shaky idle with a strange noise (Car has always had a slight, relatively quiet ticking/squeaking, was told it's totally par for the course) but this I could only describe as quiet rhythmic revving. When going above 3kRPMs the car loses a great deal of power.

I figured hey, it might be something as easy as a sensor, dropped it off at tires plus. They swapped the sensor, gave him fresh oil, and eventually deemed it a timing issue they could not handle. Their general testing deemed the battery, V and Serp belts as well as all fluids to be in good health. It's worth noting the mechanic wrote in my paperwork "Crank Shaft Sensor Reads Erratic."

I'm dead curious what you all think it could be. I have a hunch these are two different issues; something wrong with the turbo system and something wrong with the timing system. Am I correct, or are they possibly somehow intertwined?

I can't rule out anything as I haven't seen inside nor do I have a mechanic's eye or understanding. Just looking for some insight, Ideas on what might be wrong. Cheers everyone!
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I think you have 2 different issues. The P0299 is an underboost. So either you have a significant boost leak (my inlet manifold was split along the bottom seam) or the turbo is not making boost/wastegate stuck open.

The P16/17 seem to be related to the crank vs cam position sensors do not agree. Now it could be wiring, I think thos circuits share the same circuit somehow.. You'd need to check the wiring schematic to be sure. Of course it could be one of the sensors.
I can't think off hand why all three codes would relate to the same problem. Did the codes show up at the same time?
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