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Seized E-Brake Cable '13 Eco

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Hi Guys,
A few weeks ago I noticed my e-brake was not releasing on my drivers side. If you yank on the cable, it seems to come loose. Took the drum apart, everything moves smoothly back there. Looks like the cable itself is shot and should be replaced (it's 2-3x the proper diameter in the one spot, likely the spot where it's hanging up). I can't seem to find the proper parts though. Went to a few different parts stores and they only had cables for cruze's with rear discs. Went on Rock Auto to see if I could find it there, no luck (remember, the part INSIDE THE DRUM is fine, I need the cable that connects that cable to the e brake handle inside the car). Would rather not get taken to the cleaners at the dealer if I don't have to. Any help on what I need/where to go to get it?
Thank you,
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I just did this, it's ACDelco Partnumber 13352979. I found it on Rockauto
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