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Self Adjusting mirror does not seem to adjust ?

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In my 2013 LT RS I removed the window tinting but it still seems as the rear view mirror does not adjust for darkness. Is there a fuse/sensor? Maybe the mirror is bad(or good as I have never had a self adjusting mirror) Seems like still on night vision.

Any ideas?

Edit I see there is a fuse I will check. I have not had time as I just bought the car and just now removed the tint and first time out in the dark.
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The one in my Cruze turns blue at night when it senses light. Then it goes back to looking normal.
I've never had a self adjusting mirror work properly.
Mine works alright, but there's no 'switch' for night/regular mode.
The mirror will go into night mode only if there's a car with headlights on behind you. And you won't see it switch. It seems to be gradual.

My first reaction to self-adjusting mirror was it was a silly feature. How hard is it to put it in the right mode when I get into the car?? But then I found it adjusted "as needed" rather than based on day or night. It was in day mode as long as there was no bright lights behind me. It gives me a better chance to see the idiot that forgot to turn on their lights. So, I now see it as a safety feature.

In night mode, it will appear as if you have a tinted rear window.
Well it seems to be okay the mirror is clear right now during the day I'll see how it is just when I get in the traffic at night it's just a matter of getting used to it
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