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I searched forums and User Manual, but couldn't find this anywhere so hoping someone has a clue!
I have a small half-round sensor with flat front and back, pattern of small holes on top, wired-in on the driver's side on top of dash. The right and left halves light-up separately, so it's a quarter-circle light (red), then there's an outer light (also independent) on that "quarter" that's yellow. They work independently but can both come on at the same time. Picture of the unlit sensor is attached - that's frost on the windshield (maybe that's a clue?).

It doesn't appear to be a custom item, but I bought my 2014 used. For six months I barely noticed it, but then while driving, the lights came on with a loud steady beep.

In my search I saw something related to windshield wipers and automatic lights, which may have been on when this happened, but I leave my lights on "auto" so not sure why this was first time.

Any help is appreciated!


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