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I've seen a similar thread but can't seem to find it. I did read it a while ago and I don't think it's the same issue anyway.

I went to the gas station and everything was fine. Went in, bought soda, came out, started my car...

ABS light was on and Service Stabilitrack was on the DIC. There was another light on too, TC maybe.

I was like WTF.

Shut if off, opened the door, then tried again - same thing.

Shut if off again, opened the door, waited a minute, tried again - everything was back to normal.

I scanned it and there's no codes or pending codes.

Any idea what happened? Should I be worried or have anything checked out?

This was about a week ago and the cars been cycled 20+ times since then with no issue.

'14 1.4T 1LT

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Yes, there are several threads here about these symptoms. You should be able to search for them as long as your browser does not block advertisements. There seem to be three suspects for the situation you describe and they leave no stored codes.
1. Bad primary battery cables.
2. Intermittent grounding point(s) for the wiring system.
3. To a much lessor degree, a bad Body Control Module (BCM).
You could also have a dirty wheel speed sensor. That was reported in 2011 and 2012 models, but I haven't seen anyone reporting here since then. It shouldn't correct itself just sitting though.
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Yep I've been dealing with this for over a year now - my thread is here > I have a few videos of mine in that thread.

The dealership literally just got finished with mine again, replacing the car's body control module after GM sent a field rep out to look at the car. Even this isn't a guaranteed resolution. Previous attempts included cleaning and reattaching powers and grounds (problem returned) and replacing the battery cable and a few grounds (problem returned).

So we'll see this time.
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