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The LS is not known for vacuum leaks and the cam cover business only applies to the 1.4t engine.

The battery cable replacement was supposed to be free.....the warranty was extended to ten years/150k, if you are under the mileage limit, ask for your money back.

Once you have done the money thing, get out of that dealer and find another......If these guys can't read a warranty printout they sure can't read a service manual.

Give another dealer a shot at resolving the noise.......although it sounds like a vacuum leak, you have not provided any codes if present.
There have been a few A/C compressors that had a bearing fail and made a sound like a vacuum loss.

You may find the volume changes, A/C on/ A/C off........ultimately the engine must be run with the belts off to pinpoint engine noise or accessory noise.

Keep in touch.........Negative battery cable warranty extension 'Special coverage # 14311' btw.

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