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I am assuming that by first put into service is me driving off the lot (As it is a new car), if so then from the paper records it looks like the service date started on August 12, 2011, putting this under 5 years. If it is when it arrives at the lot, then I very well may be over 5 years. Thanks for taking the time to reply Obermd.
Powertrain warranty in the US for that year was 5 years/100,000 Miles. But it may be different in different countries. But even the new cars are 5 years/60,000 miles. I'd re-read the stuff in the govebox and make sure what your warranty is. As long as it within time/mileage and isn't a salvage title, it will still be in powertrain warranty. However, I'm sure you're outside of bumper to bumper (so no warranty on the brakes.)

And $150 for EACH issue is a new one on me. I'd suggest you shop around. If all warranties have expired, you're free to shop the independent shops. And even with warranty, you're free to patronize any Chevy dealer.

Item #3 is probably a thermostat replacement.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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