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2014 cruze ltz rs
turned on the car this morning and had the service park show up.
1.the lcd mylink display wont turn on. so black screen. no controls work on the center controls like radio controls ,navigation, power on off.of the my link.
2. the radio is stuck on which is a good thing i guess. i can -control the radio from the steering wheel and i can still answer calls with the wheel for -blue tooth
3. I found the blown fuse for these controls. fuse #5 under steering by the fog light button on the left. tried to replace but fuse blows instantly.
could use some help on finding the problem? what and how to test? gm will bill me $90 something for 1hour of diagnostics. but trying to avoid that. just cant find any trouble shooting forms for something like this.
im electrically inclined but have no diagrams to work with.

ps: my service side detection system has been on since december. the modual goes bad every winter.
im past the 3 year warranty. so this would be out of pocket. not covered under warranty the dealer said.

any help is good help
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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