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If you were seeing the traction control/stabilitrac AND abs warning I'd be thinking along the lines of a negative battery cable update.
Some have even seen the radio flash on and off.

In your case, you can self clear the code (as long as you don't mind possibly resetting the radio presets and clock) by disconnecting the negative battery cable for 5 minutes or so.
Then reconnect and go for a drive to see if it resets......the system may have seen something and the code was a result but it may not recur.
If it does reset, a dealer or qualified shop will have to further diagnose......on this forum there has been no pattern of failure for just the stabilitrac/abs system by itself.


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ABS, Stability, and traction control are one of the same in these newer vehicles.

If you hit the brakes and a wheel locks up, rather than applying full brake pressure to that locked wheel, the pressure is pulsed by a solenoid valve with the assumption that if the wheel is allowed to turn, it has more stopping traction. But if you are on glare ice during an icy rain storm, it doesn't make a darns worth of difference. Somebody thinks it does.

Stability control is just the opposite, if taking off one icy roads, or in a skid, one wheel will spin faster than the wheel opposite. At this time the module applies a pulsing brake pressure to that spinning wheel, this is completely independent of the foot brake. The theory here is that brake pulsed wheel will tend to straightened the vehicle out if in a skid. But may not be in a skid at all if there is ice on that wheel. So again the theory is by slowing that wheel down on ice, it will also have more traction. But again on glare ice, doesn't make a darn worth of difference. Stability control has the added, "advantage" of also killing the engine. So when trying to climb a hill, if the stability control comes on, your engine will die. Good luck in trying to get up that hill at all. What really works is a limited slip differential, but some idiots think that can do this much cheaper with an 89 cent microcontroller.

Traction control is the same as stability control except the engine is not killed. All this is intended to do in some small way is to make very meager attempts to people that don't know how to use extra care when driving in these conditions.

Yet another function of the ABS is that for practically all vehicles the front brakes are responsible for about 70% of the stopping power, meaning the rear brakes only get about 30%. This was done for years by using a proportioning valve to limit the rear braking pressures. Figured they could do the same thing by pulsing the rear brakes using what is already there by pulsing the rear brakes for a 30% duty cycle. So if anything happens to your ABS, would loose this feature may skid with not so good results. But saves a few cents, this is all that counts.

ABS with the rest of it, is no different than a laptop computer, except the electronics inside is a heck of a lot cheaper. If the battery in your laptop is dead, good luck in trying to use it, its worthless. Same with the ABS, completely worthless unless you have a reliable 12 Volt source to power it. You will not find ABS parts even cheap as a replacement computer, have huge price markups.

Don't expect stability control to save your life if you try to take a 35 mph curve at 70 mph, or when driving under hazardous conditions, only common sense will save you. These toys will never replace limited slip and studded snow tires, and common sense. While snow tires without studs to offer a bit of extra traction in snow, they are far worse than ice for stopping traction.

Any error code whatsoever will switch these systems off, most common is a defective wheel sensor that due to its location is exposed to road salt. Just a cheap bar permanent magnet with some wire wrapped around it in proximity to a tooth gear to make and measure the pulses with the cheapest wire you can fine routed to the ABS module. Road salt can fill those gaps in the gear with ferrous oxide so won't get any pulses at all, this kills the ABS.

Yet another lie is that ABS never interferes with normal brakes. If a solenoid valve sticks closed, will not get any brakes period to that wheel.

We live in an era of blatant lies. Use to be a very undesirable option for people with intelligence, but now congress has made it law.
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