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Several Leaks - Help w/ locations

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Recently I have noticed several leaks that are developing on my 2012 Chevy Cruze Eco (1.4). I noticed a few drops of oil here and there from parking on the driveway. Looking underneath the car I noticed that there is a coating of oil on the bottom of the engine on the left and right side. I have been running conventional oil for years and noticed all of these leaks after switching to full synthetic (Pennzoil) and doing the oil change myself. Recently I had to replace the intake manifold and valve cover as well. This 1.4 has been a big issue. I am going to attach some pictures. If you have any input or helpful information on the cause of the leaks it would be appreciated. Thank you!

Auto part Exhaust manifold Pipe Hose Metal

This is the turbo feed line to the turbo and I am awaiting the new line that should fix the leak?

Auto part Engine Automotive engine part Vehicle

Is anyone able to help me out with this one? Front left of the engine and has a line going into it from the radiator? Just want to note that I do have a very small leak somewhere with the coolant also, because of the decreasing coolant in the coolant reservoir.

Auto part Fuel line Vehicle Engine

Would this leak just be the seal for the camshaft actuators?
Auto part Fuel line Engine Pipe Vehicle

Any information on this would be very helpful as well.


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The missing check valve in the intake manifold would explain the leak at the throttle body and camshaft seals (positive crankcase pressure vents from the weakest point - often camshaft or crankshaft seals). All of these are somewhat common on th Cruze. The oil at the throttle body should go away if the Pcv System is functioning correctly

Edit: mixed up yours with another thread, sorry.

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As jblackburn said, a bad PCV system will cause a number of oil leaks as the crankcase gets over-pressurized.
I don't believe I have a leak at the throttle body though? As for the PCV system, as mentioned initial I replaced the intake manifold ( throttle body, fuel injectors )because it was missing the "red" valve on the inside, as well as the cable cover because the diaphragm on the cover blew. Browsing these forums helped be diagnose that issue. Is there something I am overlooking then?
Alright, so your saying the valve at the turbo inlet might be causing the excessive leaks everywhere? Since I replaced the intake manifold and the valve cover that is the only option left for the PCV system if that is what is causing the excessive oil leaks? Am I understanding this correctly? If so, should I still replace the oil inlet line into the turbo? Thanks again.
Not trying to get ahead of myself, but if I did need to replace the final PCV valve at the turbo this all I would have to replace then?

PCV VALVE - GM (25193343)

Sorry for all of the replies.
"Notes: If you are burning oil, remove the corrugated line and blow into it. If it does not blow freely, your check valve is stuck closed."

I don't believe I am burning oil, but I did try this out just in case and it is blowing freely without an issue.
Sorry for the confusion. I thought I saw oil on top of the transmission under the air hose that connects to the throttle body. That’s a normal spot to find oil when the PCV system is acting up. You’ve taken care of everything in the system (intake manifold) that was leaking but may see some oil dripping for a short while after as it’s pushed out of the intercooler, through the throttle body, and burned in the motor.

Corrugated hose and associated check valves sound like they are functioning correctly. At this point, replacing the turbo line and camshaft seals should take care of your issues I think.

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Thanks alot. Just one more question and I should be good to go. Going back to my initial post, what is that part that is at the front left of the engine? I mentioned it had a line coming from the radiator. It has a lrak in the picture.
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