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I placed this post in service issues. It should be under power train as well.

I have had this problem for a few months and decided to do something about it.

I ordered a new shifter, and when it arrived, I put it in.
No more problem with park position, now it has a notch below drive that indicates M for manual. Plus, it now will not shift in manual.
Not supposed to be that way folks. I (wrongly) assumed I had a defective shifter. So I returned it and got a replacement.
Same **** Thing. Sigh.

Now for the crazy part. The problem is not in the shifter. It is in the shifter cable adjustment.

There is no sensor in the shifter itself. The sensor is in the transmission.
I know this because I unhooked the cable at the transmission. Moving the shifter had no effect at all on the indicated shift position on the display.
Moving the shifter arm on the trans, lo and behold the display changed.

I tried all the positions of park, reverse, drive and manual for adjustment. None of those worked.
Finally I tried neutral. Yup, in the middle.

First, if you are not car savvy get a mechanic to do this for you.

If you can handle this, I have a couple of tips.

The door open and hood open, will keep you from seeing if you got it adjusted correctly.
I rolled the window down and closed the hood so I could see the display.

To adjust it.

First unhook the trans end of the cable.

Manually shift the trans in neutral.

Place the shifter into the neutral slot.

Release the cable adjustment on the trans end, don't break the clip, be careful.

Snap the cable end back onto the trans shifter arm, then gently push the adjustment clip back into the lock position.

Make sure the adjustment clip is locked into position.

Place the car into accessory position, do not start the car.

You should now see the gear shift position on the display, check the gears displayed, match the shifter position.

Bingo you are done.

Learning experiences suck, just saying.


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You should be able to install no matter what position the trans is in or shifter is in.

You just gotta make sure the trans is in the same position as the shifter.

If the shifter is in park. The trans needs to be in park. Shifter in drive. Trans needs to be in drive.

Learned that valuable lesson Long before i became a wrench. Was working on a car and it wouldn't crank. I crawled underneath with a screw driver thinking the starter motor went out. Nope. Engine fired up, car rolled backwards and in to the neighbors brick fence.

The shifter was in neutral but the trans was in reverse. This was before i officially became a wrench. So i was a backyard mechanic also. :)

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You would think so. I did. Tried park, nope. Reverse, Drive, Manual. Nope. Neutral was the key. It is very finicky.
One of the comments in the service section, had a dealer claiming 2 hours to adjust the cable. Jerks.
That said, it did take me about half an hour. Because I tried every possible position.
If someone else has a different outcome please let me know.
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