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Have 14 marker lights on my motorhome, required by law and a PITA. Seven on the front, must all be amber, seven at the rear, must all be red. Also have to buy 194 bulbs by the truck load, well maybe not that much, just seems like its that much.

Cruze uses four, rears are part of the tail lamp has two plastic covers that are easy to lose, two phillips head screws. First time I tried to remove them darn near needed a tow truck, has a shaft up front jammed into a rubber grommet. Doesn't have to be that tight, opened up that grommet a bit and coated it with dielectric grease. Doesn't rattle, a lot easier to remove.

Fronts can be accessed by removed the front under pan, lots of push pin rivets. Also by turning the front wheel in and just removing some pop pin rivets, can bend it outward to get at them.

If the law wants amber, have no problem with that either, really don't turn them on and watch them, but do check all lights by doing a quick walk around.

With all these 9/11 cops running around, have nothing to do except to issue tickets, even for the most minor offenses. Like changing the color of your lens.

How about being stopped because of a burnt out license plate light, not that can't see it with their super bright head lamps. Also have the right, least in our state to search your vehicle if stopped for any reason. No fine, just had to send in a report the bulb was replaced. And was very nice and thankful, some people who were not, were shot.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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