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Time to work on my car again. I recently purchased the set of smoked side markers. I got a good deal on on them off of ebay they were marked scratch and

dent and came with just the lens is not the whole housing.So im going have to change the lenses on the side markers. when I receive the lenses the

finish on them wasn't too bad they just didn't have a clear coat. so I decided to wet sand them and give them a clear coat. before they had a very matte

finish and weren't very reflective I still have to wet sand and polish clear coat but they look more reflective now I assume they will look better polished up.

think I'm going to document the process of replacing the lenses. I haven't seen anything like this on this forum.The only thing I've seen is people replacing

the entire marker housing. I may do a how to write up documenting the entire process I'm still undecided. I plan to treat them sort of like a headlight I

assume that the glue is similar. I'm going to try to bake the housings. Im open to any technical discussion feel free to chin in if you know of a better way to

do this.

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cleared no sanding

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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