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Slight metallic knocking only under load

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So today my 1.4 turbo cruze started to make a slight metallic knocking sound under load it is most noticeable at lower rpms. It does not make the sound when its idling. When the clutch is pressed in it still makes the sound as well. Just hoping it's not a rod knock but it does have 189000 miles on it so I guess anything's possible. Just looking for some input. Thanks guys
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A rod knock would be noticeable at all rpms. You can't hear it at idle and only notice at the low rpm range.

Might check your idler pulley i think it is. Or the tensioner pulley. Some have posted of a broken spring. It's one place to look.

Another possibility might be the throwout bearing.

Have you tried to listen under the hood and pinpoint the exact area of the sound? Engine front or rear.

If need be. You can use some vacuum hose as a stethoscope. Put hose on direct contact you'll hear the noise loud and clear. Just don't be touching moving parts.
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