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Slipping gear at take off

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2011 1.8L Cruze

165,000miles currently, got vehicle at 150,000miles.

After about 30 miles/minutes of driving, when at a stop the car will hesitate going into gear. RPM will rev up high, and then it jerks HARD into gear. If you slowly, and I mean very slowly ease into it, then your fine, no jerk. Also downshifts hard at 1st gear as well. Right around the 1000-2000rpm range is where the jerk happens.

Also when I’m at idle, the car will surge in RPM. From 800 to 1200, if I put it in neutral then it won’t.

changed transmission fluid, no misfire codes. What could it be?

Problem has been consistent every since I bought the vehicle.
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts