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2011 Cruze Eco, automatic transmission

I've had my Cruze for about six months. Had a lot of transmission issues for the first few months. Driving was really jerky and had almost no torque. Transmission began smoothing out at about 5,000 miles but I still had a lot of problems getting any power to it. Accelerating from a stop, making any turns, or trying to change lanes on a busy highway was extremely dangerous. I'd practically stand on the gas but the car wouldn't do anything. A few weeks ago as as test, I turned off the traction control, and immediately it became much more responsive, certainly not a sports car but at least accelerating at a normal rate and handling like a typical compact car. (I'm only driving in dry or rainy weather -- no snow or ice.)

Has anyone else seen these kinds of performance problems when the traction control is on? I don't mind turning it off every time I start my car, but it seems ridiculous that I should have to do that just to be able to drive my car normally.
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