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I recently moved to a house from an apartment, and now my whole commute to work is on streets which are 25-35-45, with lots of lights. I have noticed that if I am cruising at a fairly low speed, 25-35 typically, and I need to pass someone, I will floor the accelerator, and the transmission takes a good 3-4 seconds before it shifts, giving me major lag when trying to pass. Has anyone else noticed this? Is this something that could be addressed with a tune like trifecta, or is it inherent to the transmission?
I noticed this on a loaner Cruze I got from the dealer for a long test drive. One of the reasons I didn't buy one.
Why Hyundai can put a smooth automatic and power train in the Elantra but GM can't is beyond me.
GM used to be known for their smooth automatics
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