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I drive mine pretty gently when it's cold but yes I woudl say it does seem like the computer might be retarding the boost a tiny bit until the oil gets some warmth to it. It isn't that much of a difference but I would say there is some difference when it is completely cold.
I remember my old 1977 VW Rabbit diesel had a cable pull-out knob on the steering column that looked like a choke on a gasser car. You were supposed to pull that out before you started a cold engine. After driving the first few miles you then push it back in. It was supposed to slightly retard the injection timing by the pump. This was all done mechanically since this was before CR turbo diesels and the electronics we all have now controlling our diesels. If you forgot to do this, the engine took longer to start and shook, bucked and smoked like crazy until it warmed up.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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