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Hello, I recently purchased a 2012 1.4 turbo chevy cruze.

As I was driving I smelled a burning smell so I popped the hood immediately and noticed a small oil leak. I've attached a couple photos to this thread below...

I am hoping someone here can please help me identify the actual leakage problem / where its coming from?? and what I need to do to fix it as I am without any warranty whatsoever. :sad:

Thank you, any help or insight will be greatly appreciated!

Photo 1:

Photo 2:
This valve cover is very easy to change out As long as your valve cover diaphragm is working Just go to the dealer and buy their gasket also go to an auto store and buy gasket sealer It will take you an hour or less to take the entire valve cover off clean the head and re install the new one make sure to apply the sealer at this seem on the left side of your engine you will see it it will look like a slit in the metal though be 1 in the front and 1 in the back make sure to put some sealer there or it will leak ask You can get the torque specifications online so you can properly torque down your valve cover if you've never done it truthfully take your time able probably take you 2 hours And you can do it for probably $30 Make sure to watch 3 or 4 different valve cover videos to and sure you understand the process go and buy yourself a torque wrench you will need it I don't suggest just tightening down without the proper torque as the valve cover is plastic and if you go too far it will shatter it You can probably buy a torque wrench for $25 you can use it for any other repairs You're going to wanna buy a torque wrench that does inch pounds not foot pounds If the oil is leaking from the plastic on the valve cover because of a crack it's the same process except for the valve cover cost $80 at the dealer I suggest going with theirs if you need to replace it It's the same price after market may be a few dollars loss just go with Chevrolet parts
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