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So, a few of you may have read my post about my car running very slow, sluggish and stuttery power delivery.

Well after running out of ideas and just sat talking to my mates about what car to get next, one of them mentioned the air con. I said I never use it as I barely do. But he's had cars in the past that have had power related issues related to the Air con.

So we went to the fuse box to find something related to the air con to unplug to test it. We found the 01 Air Con Clutch relay and removed it. Started the car and tried turning the air con. Just normal air coming through (although the engine still dipped down on power when I pressed the button at idle, im guessing the compressor still fired up to a point) So turned it off and went for a drive. Car performed fine with no noticeable power drops, just fine accelleration comfortably from 1k RPM upwards (usually have to keep it above 2.5k RPM when its not running properly to take advantage of the power band around 3K rpm)

So left it out for 3 days and no problems at all, a couple of times I thought it did jump around a little, but I could rule it out further down the road when I don't have to change to 3rd to accellerate gently from 30MPH, I could just leave it in 5th and its fine.

So put it back in as the weather is getting pretty toasty in the UK at the moment, and low and behold, air con off, heater fan off, I get the old symptoms back.

HOWEVER: There is no difference when I take the relay out while the engine is running. the air con still wont blow cold, but i'll still have the poor running. It only goes better after a few minutes with the engine off or a couple of restarts.

There is a conciderable difference if the car is running smooth, I dont turn off the engine and put the relay back in and start using the air con. It does go back to its old self. And if I leave the relay out and turn on the air con, while it doesnt engage, it does also go back to its old self being stuttery etc. Not as bad as when the relay is letting the clutch engage too though.

This also doesnt explain why the car just shut off after misfiring severely, but possibly the Coil Pack they put on solved that.

Anyone else had any Air-Con related running issues?
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