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So today I found out the money I had been waiting on to do some upgrades to to car is in ... Yippy.

Seatcovers -- Ordering Tuesday (Contact is out for holiday)
Tint -- **** yeah. Called the shop, 159$ installed today. Dropped it off at lunch. 20% back window, 5% rear windows.

Trifecta -- Ordered the cable today, will get the tune when it comes in.
Sunroof -- 2 weeks from now.
Rear Strut and Maybe front -- Got to meet up and see how it feels.

Foglights -- Want LED so looking at 2 variations can make up my mind.
CAI -- Converting from SRI on Tuesday.


Any idea on what to do next. Thinking of HID, Angel, and LED, Interior lighting, Sub and 6x9s. Hmmm

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....Christmas in July?
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