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Wound up kinda confused.

So I get the trim piece out of the car and see this:

View attachment 182281

The trunk switch is covered with some sort of epoxy. Can't for the life of me get it out, the sealant is rock hard. Every reference online says that shouldn't be there.

So I run to the Chevy dealership to see if they had seen this before. Nope, told me it shouldn't be like that and even referenced the Chevy manual on removal.

So then I went to parts just to see a comparison:

View attachment 182273

Yep, sure enough not sealed.

Anyone else every seen this? I'm thinking I'll have to Dremel it out and try not to break the plastic.

All I can figure is the selling dealership did this before I bought the car for some odd reason. I bought the car new and have never had it apart before.

That or some dealership decided to do this while I had it in for service.

It's just odd. Beneath the Epoxy, its appears to be a newer style sealed switch as well...
When was your 2014 built? Think there was a change after 28 February, 2014.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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