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Old Asian guy decided it would be a good idea to pull out into oncoming traffic - right as I was in front of him. And the fun part is it happened in a no fault state, so even though he was cited for failure to yield, it's all up to me and my insurance company to sort out. I am looking at options, and one of them is simply buying a couple used silver doors and replacing them myself. Has anybody done this? Is it something that a shadetree mechanic such as myself can do with normal tools?

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Depending on who your insurance company is, they may not even charge you for the deductible, and go after his insurance company for the full expense. That's how the last couple incidents we've had were - neither were our fault, and our insurance (AAA) waived the deductible because of that and covered the full repair.

That said - people who cannot drive need to be off the road, now.
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