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Solenoid Valve GM #22865590

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I've been following the thread on the P0496 error code which is either the purge valve or Solenoid valve. The first is easy to find in the engine bay and hopefully that will fix the problem. I not then it's the Solenoid Valve which is supposed to be somewhere by the fuel tank but it's very vague and I cant find anything online on it's exact location on a 2011 Cruze Eco. Anyone have an idea what side an/or area of the tank to look at?

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No ideas? The part is for a 2011 Cruze. A previous post uses this following part for a 2012 [FONT=&quot]ACDELCO Part # 22740537 SOLENOID,Evaporative Emission Canister

And it looks like this.
Product Auto part

Any idea where it's located?

P.S. Thanks to the person who private messaged, but the image you sent was the taillights of an Impala
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Take a look under your car, its mounted next to the tank on the passenger side by the charcoal canister. Typically the one under the car is the culprit, its subject to way more dirt, spider nests or in winter even freezing.
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