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Hey everyone,

New to CruzeTalk here. Just bought a brand new '16.5 Cruze LT about a month ago - put about 2500kms on it since. Its my first domestic!

Love the car, but just having a few issues with cosmetic stuff and wondering if anyone else has had same/similar issues:

- Front Driver bumper panel is loose/raised above where it meets the hood/above wheel well
- Interior, where windshield meets roofline. If I run my finger along there it's noticeable that there's a small area just above the rear-view where excess cloth wasn't trimmed away/glued properly
- Passenger side vanity mirror clip in roof comes loose
- While not entirely cosmetic, drive side blind spot monitoring on mirror activates periodically when there's no cars/guardrails etc.

Forgive my pettiness/ignorance if these are common knowledge. Its my first 'new' car and my OCD has reached peak levels with it - I just wanna keep it in top shape. I think I'll give my dealer a ring in the next few days.

Any help/similar stories appreciated!

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New car OCD is pretty much normal. Especially for your first new car.

Please address these concerns in a friendly way with your selling dealer. They'll know what to do.
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