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Welp, its been a while since I have been on here. Bought my 2014 Cruze back in June of 2020 (It feels like its been an ENTIRE DECADE!) Mine has a manual transmission which has really started to send me down a spiral. I really really want to get into racing...

SO! I have decided I am going to slowly but surely start modifying my car. First priority is gonna be replacing those stock pedal pads. I am tired of nearly breaking my ankle to do heel and toe shifting. After that I will probably be increasing low end torque. How I don't know but it shall be done. I have already started on something to modify the air flow off the back. Vortex Generators! I bought some yarn on Saturday and plan on giving her a wash before tapping some yarn to the rear window. This will be a great engineering experience!

On a side note. If anyone knows where I could get some Group A rally car style Auxiliary lights please let me know!
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Vortex Generators?!

A Tune, E85 or Meth Injection, Full exhaust, valve springs, and a BIGGER turbo will do the trick.
Put one on 😃 Racing is better with forced induction.
I don't know specifically about the 1.8L, however I had a 2.2L Cobalt that I drove for 10 year with many different variations of exhaust modifications. I found the best combination for sound and performance, was 2.25" piping, high flow aftermarket cat (no emissions testing where I live), 1 resonator, and a high flow muffler.

If you reduce your back pressure too much on a N/A low end torque will suffer.
Trust me on this one, the best modification to do when money is tight is.....NOTHING. Especially if your car is your daily driver, older and/or higher mileage. From my experience: Once you start modding, something will break. Requiring a repair. Which will cost more money to bring it back up to par. If the money isn't there when you need it, you're in trouble.
1 - 4 of 18 Posts
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