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Welp, its been a while since I have been on here. Bought my 2014 Cruze back in June of 2020 (It feels like its been an ENTIRE DECADE!) Mine has a manual transmission which has really started to send me down a spiral. I really really want to get into racing...

SO! I have decided I am going to slowly but surely start modifying my car. First priority is gonna be replacing those stock pedal pads. I am tired of nearly breaking my ankle to do heel and toe shifting. After that I will probably be increasing low end torque. How I don't know but it shall be done. I have already started on something to modify the air flow off the back. Vortex Generators! I bought some yarn on Saturday and plan on giving her a wash before tapping some yarn to the rear window. This will be a great engineering experience!

On a side note. If anyone knows where I could get some Group A rally car style Auxiliary lights please let me know!
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Vortex Generators?!
a BIGGER turbo
Yes Vortex Generator, it mixes the boundary layer with non boundary layer air to prevent flow separation.
Also its kinda hard to put on a bigger turbo when you don't have one at all.

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Put one on 😃 Racing is better with forced induction.
Oh definitely, just need to find one. There is a guy that is turbocharging one. Gonna see how that goes first. Then I will start sourcing my parts and stuff.
Well just priced an Exhaust modification... straight pipe or resonator delete... decisions decision
What would be the affects of straight piping the 1.8L? I think the Cats would provide enough back pressure for scavenging. But would it be enough to make the engine run efficently?
If you reduce your back pressure too much on a N/A low end torque will suffer.
Yeah I know about that, I am trying to do something a little cheap. Basically on the budget of a minimum wage job LOL Thats actually the reason I want to do a Straight Pipe instead of the Resonator delete.
I need to figure out how to calculate the Reynolds number of the car... These vortex generators are going to be the death of me...
So a friend of mine and I decided that when summer finally rolls back around we would take cars up to Deals Gap, North Carolina and run the Tail of the Dragon. I am wanting to get some more grip out of my Cruze before I go. I have already found some Performance All Seasons. Thing is that I currently run 215/60R16 but I know the 2LT runs 225/50R17. I was wondering if the rims from the 2LT would fit my LS if so I will probably just keep those.
I was just seeing if you were still trying to race the cruze?
Not anymore really, still something I would love to try just don't have the time anymore.
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