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Welp, its been a while since I have been on here. Bought my 2014 Cruze back in June of 2020 (It feels like its been an ENTIRE DECADE!) Mine has a manual transmission which has really started to send me down a spiral. I really really want to get into racing...

SO! I have decided I am going to slowly but surely start modifying my car. First priority is gonna be replacing those stock pedal pads. I am tired of nearly breaking my ankle to do heel and toe shifting. After that I will probably be increasing low end torque. How I don't know but it shall be done. I have already started on something to modify the air flow off the back. Vortex Generators! I bought some yarn on Saturday and plan on giving her a wash before tapping some yarn to the rear window. This will be a great engineering experience!

On a side note. If anyone knows where I could get some Group A rally car style Auxiliary lights please let me know!
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I was just seeing if you were still trying to race the cruze?
k... if you do I am actually tracking one currently.. look up my racing a diesel cruze post.. I can help you get on track for real. Look up national auto sport association HPDE.. there will probably be something close to you... what region are you. That would be awesome if you were mid atlantic
1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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