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If it's the same thing I've experienced from time to time when playing music over bluetooth, the Mylink Infotainment Team told me to close all other apps that are open on my phone and once I do that, then it should eliminate the problem or help keep it from happening.

When I asked about it possibly being caused from poor/average cell phone coverage, he said that that shouldn't cause the problem. I'm not sure exactly how it could not? I've always noticed on my iphone 5 that it's when I see a "loading/buffering" circle up in the corner somewhere that the song skipping through bluetooth tends to happen.

The iphone's current ios and the Mylink's bluetooth certainly don't seem to play nice together, but when I talked to a Mylink Infotainment Team member, he said that both GM and Apple are aware of the issues and that they should be fully resolved within the next 1 or 2 ios updates that Apple will be releasing.
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