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song Skipping while using Bluethooth

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I am having an issue with my Cruze right now with the song skipping like a scratched cd. I started doing this just recently and not sure why. Just wondering if anyone else has run into this.
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Keep in mind that when your phone first connects, your address book is syncing up to MyLink so you can use voice commands to call people, etc. And that's only the most obvious thing that happens...there is probably more syncing than that.

All that handshaking and data transfer eat away at the bandwidth available. So until it's done, audio streaming will suffer in the form of stuttering and "skipping" (which is just lost packets of data that got bumped out for higher priority data from the sync).

If your audio is still stuttering a couple of minutes after the initial sync, then I would agree with someone above who suggested your phone may be trying to access too many devices at once. AFAIK (not a Bluetooth expert), a master device (in this case your phone) can be connected to up to 7 slave devices, but can only access them one at a time. Theoretically switching is done fast enough that you won't notice, but if it's attempting to stream across multiple channels I can imagine there being some interruptions.
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