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Well winter is finally over so I did a super good wash and detail her. and I actually think I finally fell in love with my cruze, just gazing out from my shop at my clean cruze. I wish I had a photo to share with y'all, but didn't think to snap one, and probably still couldn't get it loaded on here for you all to see. I never liked bright red cars, but when this victory red lady is fresh washed she's gorgeous, with the subtle touches of chrome. I can say I'm very glad that I chose this over the other designed cars that I feel will not age well with time.

BUT!!! I did decide to finally invest in some things over the next year or so to make the car what I need to make her last years. I ordered the tune today from Trifecta and am deciding on what else is in the future! Hoping to be able to get some TSW nurburgrings for her next, then start looking at coilovers/springs to get the better handling I miss from the mazda, still trying to find some cruze-specific ISC reviews. Probably get the mid-pipe and delete the muffler.

I'm still trying to find a way to get black seats for a fair price, since being a mechanic will turn my drivers seat black regardless, so any input there is appreciated. seat covers that aren't neoprene and are very durable.
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I agree. It stayed very nice for about a day. I live in a small town with gravel everywhere and bugs on the highways already. Usually I just spend ten minutes at the self wash and that's good enough.
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