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Merry Christmas Eve everyone!

My name is Craig and I am a Cruze owner...... "Hi Craig!" lol

I purchased a used 15' LT2 Tungsten Gray Automatic for my wife a few months ago and she loves it. I don't mind the little car myself. Picked up the car with 3k on the odometer and saved a ton over buying it new.

As far as mods, I have not done too much yet.


19x8.5 +35 Zoe Black 985 wheels dipped in Anthracite PlastiDip with black Chevy Bowtie decal on centercaps.

225/40/19 Nitto Motivo tires with new OEM TPMS sensors installed.

ECO front springs with H&R rear lowering springs.

BMW wannabe Taillights (Not sure of the name on these, I saw them on a car and hunted them down).

6k HID's in OEM housings.


30% Ceramic window tint.

Front and rear MaxLiner floor mats.


Trifecta tune.

I would have preferred the wheels in a +40 or +42 offset, but they only offered these in a +35. I used a fender roller to push out the rear fenders about .5" to eliminate the "poke" that I had with the wheels. The wheels are actually black, but the wife liked the anthracite finish better. I don't really care how much stretch it looks like the 225's have on the 8.5" wheel, but it is mostly due to how the outside lip of wheel itself is made. I thought about going ahead and buying 235's or even 245's for it, but I would be throwing away a good set of tires.

Now with the springs... Because my wife drives this car as a daily I decided to put some donated ECO springs on the front. They seemed to ride better than the H&R's I have for the car. I did however have to run the H&R's on the back to level it out.

The taillights on the car came from Ebay. I actually saw them on a car online and hunted them down. They were pretty cheap at $200 but I did have to change the plugs on them with my OEM lights for them to "plug and play".

The HID's came from a company on Amazon that I have had good luck with in the past. I started with 5k to get that pure white look but they were just a bit too white for the OEM LED's on the front. I replaced them with 6k's and they match nicely.

With the Trifecta tune I originally ordered the SAT with Eco/Sport. The Eco mode SUCKED for her type of driving. The car would downshift but not add power. They sent me a new tune with Stock/Sport and it is MUCH better. That was a day and night difference for the car.

Well, that's about it so far. I don't plan to do too much more at the moment. I don't want to change too much as so much of the warranty is left on the car.

Let me know what you guys think. I hope to get better pics in soon. The weather has been crap here lately.

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Welcome to the cruze talk Be cool stay cozy keep cruzen and Best Wishes !
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