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Soumatrix Speakers

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Our custom engineered speakers
Custom engineered by our famous european designer Daniel Emonts. We understand that consumers will not spend all day to study the difference from this system to that one. Therefore, to get to the point, turn up the volume and show the clarity of the melody. No matter how loud it gets Soumatrix will not be harsh to your ears, it will only reflect how the song was originally recorded.
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Acoustics designed for your vehicle
Combining the original high efficiency design and years of engineering experience in European home audio systems, Soumatrix presents a high-end OEM speaker series, seamlessly working without distortions, providing unprecedented room acoustics within your vehicle.
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Can BOSE/Pioneer still be upgraded?
Certainly, for customers who really care about sound quality and already own a factory premium system, there is also an opportunity to improve sound quality by swapping to Dual Layered Soumatrix speakers. BOSE/ Pioneer is already enjoying a mature electromagnetic technology and our Dual Layer speakers will work in harmony with factory premium equipped amplifier and subwoofer to uplift to a high-end level transparent European elegant sound stage. There is where Soumatrix should come in to release the potential of the whole system.