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Sorry I can't say in SQ FT, but.. just asking, does your car have such power where FULL insulation for audio is called for? Asking because if so, I'd love to hear about your system :)
Also because, I personally only did the trunk, front doors, and rear deck.

It adds a good amount of weight. I can only imagine a full car's worth, only seen that in really powerful and expensive systems. And I am talking about the "lightweight" Dynamat Xtreme.

If talking Dynamat Xtreme though, you will need I know at least ~8 sheets.

Edit: Excuse my reading, didn't see no trunk. Is the trunk already matted I'm assuming? Or no rear bass/sub(s)?

Also I interpreted it as all 4 door panels fully, with the deck (this might be part of trunk, not sure), and mostly, the entire cabin floor.
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