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I just recently installed a single 12" SQ HDS312 my Cruze and I gotta say I'm super glad I took a chance with this brand! This 1200w sub pounds so hard even when I only have 900w pushing it! (Super impressed) but now I have one problem....vibration rattles in the trunk! :/ My rear corner panels are the worst but also does the trunk lid and the rear dash! I'm not too impressed especially bc on the outside my Cruze sounds like butt with that much power trying to get out! Please help if you have any tips or tricks to removed the rattling in the trunk! I'm considering a deadening trunk package from a high up name brand but dont know what brands to consider,how thick and how much I should consider paying! I'd think the easiest/fastest install is what's on my agenda at the moment since I've never used a deadener and bc here in Minnesota it's only going to continue to get colder with snow in the first week of November id like something that will still have decent adhesive in 40-50 degree weather install! Please help with ideas! Thanks!

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Messy trunk!! Lol
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You'll need some CLD tiles on the rear deck, trunk lid, and heat shield under the trunk. For the rear deck pad, placed a sheet of some closed cell foam to prevent it from rattling against the rear deck metal.

Remember, vibration absorbers only absorb vibrations that produce sound in a certain frequency range.

I use some extrude butyl rope to keep the license plate quiet.

Talk to Don at for these parts. Don't even waste your time with peel N stick stuff like dynamat.

The above approach eliminated rear vibrations in my Cruze using two 18" pro audio subs.
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