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Having failed to check for the spare kit when we bought our 2013 Cruze (used), I've begun trying to assemble the complete kit.

Not sure whether our car came with a complete kit that got picked over before we bought the car, or whether the car came without and the few pieces there were added later. The pieces we have include the padding, plastic ring, tie-down screw with hand nut and wheel/tire. I doubt those pieces would be included without the rest, but I suppose it's possible.

Anyway, here's a table of what GM part numbers I've compiled thus far. Where I could use some help is adding alternative sources to the right-most column. Having other models to ask for at the salvage yard desk may help a lot. From what I've seen so far, these pieces are pretty scarce.


PS: The table is for gen1 gas burners. Not sure the differences for diesel and gen2's. But maybe that info can be added. Or a separate gen2 table compiled.


Required Parts
ItemGM p/nDetailsOther vehicles
Compact Spare Tiren/aT115/70R16; Sold by Maxxis International. GM does not sell this item and the GM Parts listing refers you to Maxxis.
Jack13505394, rep'd by 23362142replaced by 233621422014-2017 Buick Verano
Wheel Support13273001Plastic ring on bottom of wheel well.
Jack Holder13373497AKA jack carrier. Styrofoam chunk in wheel well.2014-2017 Buick Verano
Jack Handle13255680Not lug wrench
Lug Nut Wrench133485062016-2019 Buick Cascada
Hand Nut90126756Locks wheel down in wheel well.
Bolt13263725Anchored to bottom of wheel well.
Trunk Floor95975191 rep'd by 94521930Carpeted press board trunk bottom, covers wheel well. (replaced by 94521930)
Floor Insulator, lower22783829padding in wheel well, under spare
Optional Parts
Car Block15116183 (need 2)Wheel chocks. These are sold singly, so need 2.
Wrench & Car Block Bag20986100
Valve stem dust covervalve stem dust cover, “274288 STEM, Tire Valve and Cover Lock”

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