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Special Coverage - Camshaft Cover Replacement - (Jul 28, 2020) #N202299080

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Bulletin Information
Bulletin Title: #N202299080 - Special Coverage Adjustment - Camshaft Cover Replacement - (Jul 28, 2020)
Bulletin Type: Campaign
Bulletin Category: Special Coverage
Applies To: Engine Mechanical

So far I have seen letters from 2011 through 2015, but I would assume that it goes to 2016. If someone can get a copy of the actual bulletin, I would like to add it here.

The diaphragm they are referring to is the (PCV) vacuum regulator on the valve (camshaft) cover, the round portion on the rear driver side of the valve cover. The actual PCV valve causing the issue (there are two of them) is the orange nipple you may have read about located in the intake manifold. Read more below. This fix you will more than likely only be temporary. When the leak allows the crankcase to become over pressurized again, it may blow the regulator out again and/or the front crank seal, and/or cause oil to start to blow by possibly including out the valve cover, the oil pan , CPASV seals and other areas. Or you might be one of the lucky ones and it will hold. Roughly $75 and minimal time and effort is cheap insurance. I've had mine installed for some time now and have no more issues.

Remember the vacuum PCV valve is in the intake. The boost PCV valve is at the turbo.

Probably more than you'll ever want to know about the PCV failure, collateral damage and fixes:

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Hello, I seem to be having this same issue on my 2015MY, 58k miles. First thing I did after seeing the check engine light was check the plugs and coils, everything looked fine. Then I stumbled upon this thread and am 99% sure this is what the issue is. Engine has a rough idle around 800-900 rpm, but no misfire under acceleration. The engine does seem to be in a reduced power mode also although I have not seen it on the display.

Since I unhooked the battery to check plugs, the CEL is gone but the issue is still there. After a couple key cycles it should reappear. My plant is to go through some key cycles untilt he CEL is present and then get it scanned to see the code. If the code is consistent with the one in the service bulletin, I would like to fix it myself to avoid the dealership wait times and hassle, but I am unsure if I will be able to get reimbursed. I could have received the letter before, but since the issue has just happened it could have been tossed in the trash because it was un-needed.

My questions:
  1. Can someone link to the service bulletin for a 2015MY cruze?
  2. Will the reimbursement form cover a DIY repair or does it have to be done by a dealer?
  3. What VIN ranges are eligible for reimbursement for a 2015MY if anyone knows?
I also plan on calling my dealer to see if my powertrain warranty (5yr/60k) is still valid and also if the service bulletin applies to my vehicles which would extend the powertrain warranty. I figured I might as well ask in here in because there could be a lot of knowledge about cruze's on this forum that a dealer wouldn't have.
Call the phone number listed on the form above. That is the only one that I know of.

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Got this letter year ago or so, went into dealership, and they wouldn't fix cause I was over the mileage. Even though I had all my receipts showing multiple fixes for this

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Got this letter year ago or so, went into dealership, and they wouldn't fix cause I was over the mileage. Even though I had all my receipts showing multiple fixes for this
I have a 2014 with 66k miles. My valve cover went bad, again, about a month ago. I called GM Customer Svc directly - not the dealer - and spent close to an hour with a rep. He checked my VIN, etc and confirmed that it was covered under the recall even though I had it replaced at the dealer once before. The GM service rep contacted the dealer directly and gave the approval over the phone. I took it in the next morning and it was replaced on the spot.
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