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Hi all,

We all know that our Cruze's are possessed, but I must have done something to anger the demon in mine today and I'm not sure how to cheer him (or her) up. An old fashion virgin sacrifice perhaps?

This morning on my way back from breakfast, I noticed a slight chill in the car - it was about 45F outside and I had the heat on slightly but I was still feeling cold. I didn't really make much of it, but as I was pulling into my drive way, I look at the information panel and noticed the message: "A/C off due to high engine temperature."

It was a definitely WTF moment, how the heck is my engine overheating when it's 45 degrees outside?! The message vanish as I looked up at the temperature gauge, the engine temp was definitely above the usual one tick before the middle mark - almost 3/4 to H in fact. Before I could process what was going on, I watched the meter quickly "tick" down, bar by bar to the normal spot. Confused, I just parked the car and went along my day, reminding myself to order a bottle of Holy Water and a cross off Amazon in the morning.

Fast forward to about two hours ago. I got in the car to grab some dinner about 2 miles from my house. I noticed within about 5 minutes the heat was on its way up but no heat inside of the car, the vents were blowing but only refreshing cold air. I played with the climate controls repeatedly as I tried to restore heat but with no luck. The windows started fogging up really bad, so I pulled into a random parking lot where and shut the car off as I started Googl'ing.

I found a dozen or so references to resetting the A/C system by pulling the fuse, I decided to give this a try to see what would happen. I left the fuse out for a couple of minutes before placing it back in, I heard the "demons" singing for about 20 seconds and then silence. I started the car back up and made the sign of the cross in the air - but no luck - cold air once again. I started the A/C again to knock down some of the humidity at my expense (it's about 40F out and I didn't bring a jacket). Once I got the windows clear, I proceeded down the road.

Randomly and suddenly, I got heat. It wasn't a lot, but it was something! I had just started playing Skrillex - Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites and seriously debated if that had something to do with it (with all of the dubstep I play, it would not surprise me that the demon has developed a liking to it). However, as I approached about 45 mph, I caught the temperature gauge creeping up again.. Just like earlier, the "A/C off due to high engine temperature." appeared in the dash. The heat got to about 3/4 again, "ticking" its way higher and higher.

At this point, I started talking to the demon.. I said every phrase I could remember from Poltergeist and Exorcist. "The power of Christ compels you!". My heat started dropping off again, and the car stared the get colder. I toyed with it some more, but realized that at this rate, my dinner would be cold by the time I got home. At the last traffic light, I caught the heat going up once more time, but it didn't reach the point where the engine heat message appeared.

I've somehow angered my demon big time :(

Tomorrow, I'm going to give the dealership a call and buy the latest Skrillex and Nero album. In the meantime, has ANYONE ever experienced anything like this before? Do you have a suggestion that might help my dealer figure this one out?

Thanks all, and don't forget to pet your Cruze before going to bed tonight.


TL;DR: Sporadic heat from climate system, "A/C off due to high engine temperature." message, higher than normal engine temperature observed sporadicly, angry demon
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