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Spotify in your cruze, using the steering wheel controls?

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Hej everybody
Just recieved my cruze 3 weeks ago after 5 months of waiting (!) and so far it's been great to me. One thing i really miss tho which i had in a Subaru XV i borrowed was the ability to connect to my phone (Motorola Razr) and have it play back spotify music and ability to control the music from the steering wheel + seeing the song title in the car stereo.
So far what i know, the Cruze's USB connection only plays local files stored on my phone and not any web radio or spotify, which is a pity. My question therefore is, if i bought the last gen iPod with app support and download spotify to it and take some of my playlists down to it (offline mode) would my car recognize the spotify music on my ipod as i plug it in via usb? Or will the car only see mp3's that are actually stored via iTunes? The iPod's are quite alot cheaper than the iPhones and my phone isn't that old so i'd prefer to keep it for a while. IF iPhone is the only way out for me i'd swap it out imediately tho. So what do you guys say?
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