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Ok, this is weird.

My old phone, an HTC One S, worked fine. Load up Spotify, hit Bluetooth Audio on MyLink, and BAM there's my music, the artist name, song name, and album art show on the MyLink screen, everything is great.

But with my new phone, an LG G2, things get weird...

I load Spotify on my phone, hit Bluetooth Audio on MyLink, and a minute or so later it actually starts to play. Details: Spotify will be "playing" the song, but no audio. Eventually, when the audio starts, it starts over from from the beginning of the song, and the timer on Spotfiy for the song also restarts to 0:00. It works fine from there unless I skip a song, then I go through the same process.

Second issue, the MyLink screen doesn't actually show me what's playing. It seems to pick a random song - whether it be from Spotify, an MP3 on my phone, or even GPS sounds on my phone - and it puts that on the screen as "what's playing." Additionally, whatever MyLink decides to display, is on repeat - Meaning once it gets to the end it just starts over. This makes the display very annoying if MyLink decides to display a 3 second GPS sound from my phone and the progress bar keeps filling and resetting bam bam bam bam... Even though this is what the MyLink displays SHOWS, I am HEARING and CONTROLLING Spotify as normal (I can still use the radio controls to control Spotify - play/pause, skip, etc), the display just does it's own thing.

So far I've gotten both of these issues 100% of the time, both happening at the same time. I've tested for about an hour and a half on wifi and on 4G LTE with full reception.

I've tried:
- Unpairing the phone from the car.
- Resetting the radio.
- Powercycling the phone.
- Powercycling the car radio (Key out, open door)


Any ideas?

Also emailing Spotify support.
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