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SQ audio build \ lessons learned

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After reading through all the posts for the SQ how to and v2, I am looking at doing a similar build in my 2012 cruze.

First I would like to thank XtremeRevolution for putting those threads together. I feel like I have learned more about audio reproduction in the past week than I have in the past 20 years.

The point of this thread is two fold. First to discuss my build plan and get tips and suggestions while being on a fairly tight budget. Second to get and document any lessons learned from those that have installed a similar build in their cars.

My Build plan:

Tweeters: Vifa ( now peerless )

Woofers: Silver Flute

Sub: JBL P1022 (because I already own it)

JBL GT5-A604 60Wx4 @4ohm (own)
Power Acoustik BAMF2000/1d 600Wx1 @4ohm (own)


CLD,CCF,MLV from sounddeadeningshowdown
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It sounds like we are pretty much working on the same project. I am trying to keep costs down though so I may end up using a few components I already own instead of buying new. My wife is pretty happy with her new car. She wants a better sounding stereo but if I go nuts with the budget all that happiness will surely turn into rage. LOL

I just ordered the miniDSP stuff and the VIFA tweeters a few minutes ago. Hopefully those Silver Flutes come in stock when they say they are.

Good luck with your build!

Glad to hear your on a similar mission. I think this setup will sound awesome once complete. Good things come to those who wait... or so I'm told.

I just sent the SDS crew an email to see how much material for sound deadening they recommend. I plan on doing just the front doors with CCF and MLV and sticking CLD tiles throughout the doors and trunk to keep costs down. As soon as I get a reply I'll post it here.

Most of my "savings" with this build is from reusing my amps and sub from my previous setup. So far I have spent about $150 on this build and should come in around $400 when all said and done.
Definitely let me know, that's exactly what I was wanting to do.

What are your plans for speaker ring adapters? I know I've seen XR mention maybe busting a few sets out but if not are there any alternatives?

I don't own a router but I have a friend who has a pretty slick woodworking shop that has a pretty sweet router table setup. If I had the dimensions I'll bet I could get a few pumped out with some trial and error.

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I'll be able to make a batch toward the end of this month or early next.

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Your the man! Definitely interested in a set!

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I was hoping to get a set from XR if he is making them. The only alternatives I am currently aware of are some crappy plastic ones by metra or scosche.

Just got an email from Don at SDS. Here is what he is recommending.

37 CLD Tiles™ @ 2.25 = $83.25
1 roll Extruded Butyl Rope @ 9.75 = 9.75
35 linear inches MLV @ .93 = 32.55
2 sheets 1/8" CCF @ 16.35 = 32.70
5 Velcro Strips, adhesive 2 sides @ 1.63 = 8.15
1 8 oz can HH-66 Vinyl Contact Cement @ 9.50 = 9.50

Sub Total: $175.90


Please let us know if you would make us some baffles or if not post a schematic of them so we could make them(or have them made).
That's not so bad. I've never messed with sound deadening or dampening before but after I did the last install in my Jeep Grand Cherokee I quickly realized I completely dropped the ball by not doing it. Between all the rattling and road noise adding aftermarket speakers turned out to be a complete waste of money and effort.

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So... my impatience is getting the better of me and I am taking a serious look at the Dayton RS-180. However on paper it would appear that the Silver Flute would be worth waiting for it is not only cheaper but has a stronger motor(BL: SF 7.31 vs RS 4.71) nearly equal cone mass (SF 17.4g RS 17.8g) and lower qts (SF 0.24 vs RS 0.46) which makes me think the Silver Flute would be better at handling transients all else being equal. The RS-180P (paper cone) brings things a little closer.

Please feel free to educate me if I am off base here.
Even if you get the Daytons your going to need ring adapters. I'm a total novice to SQ builds but those plastic adapters don't look like anything I would want to use. I am going to try and remain patient and wait for the Silver Flutes to come back in stock and XR to offer some mdf rings for sale.

Usually, with projects like these I'm in a total rush to get things installed so I can hear the finished project. For some reason with this project I am more than happy to keep reading and learning as I wait for components to become available.

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After looking at the Daytons I feel they just arn't worth nearly doubling the amount spent on woofers. I will wait for the Silver Flutes and bide my time by re reading XR's threads. Want to make sure I'm not missing anything.
Save your money for the dual 18's. Lol

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I'll be saving my pennies for a while on that one... I have several expensive hobbies(mostly computer related not gaming).... and thanks to XR a new one building my own home speakers.

I do plan to upgrade my sub in the near future with something more flush mounted. I am liking the driver side pocket location so I can minimize loss of trunk space but still get solid bass.
I hear ya on expensive hobbies. I'd love to get into building home speakers but I just don't have the right house for that. I've actually moved my home theater outdoors.

200" inflatable screen
3 JBL 515xt's
2 Cerwin Vega 18" folded horns
2 8" 2 way for rears
Emotiva UMC preamp
Optoma TH1060P 4500 lumen projector
Running around 4500 watts of 5.1 surround

Probably going to be buying another minidsp for this setup so I can properly crossover my subs.

Sorry for the hijack.

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That's really awesome. Neighborhood movie nights.

Are you saying a mini-dsp for your outdoor h/t or for your cruze? I recall a few posts on one of XR threads talking about a second mini-dsp for sub use in the cruze and it was determined unnecessary as most amps do a good enough job for low pass for this type of system. XR please feel free to correct me if im off base here.
Sorry, yes for the outdoor theater subs. I'm basically just wanting to add a HPF to protect them from frequency's lower than they can handle.

Anyway, back to car audio....

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This applies more to anything dealing with amps but I found it to be very useful as I never really messed with it before.

Gain on the amp is a lot more important than I thought. And here I have been treating it as a +11 knob. You may already have more respect for the gain dial than I do and know about this... still a good read and anything worth reading once is worth reading a second or third time.

Haha! Yeah I used to think that about the gain level too until a few years ago. Gain overlap is a new concept to me though.

I actually have an old oscilloscope laying around I've been wanting to use for something besides collecting dust.
Nightmist and Jerry....where are you guys located? seems to me the both of you are headed towards audio bliss and I would love to be able to compare our systems someday if it is at all possible. I have been silently following this thread from the start and can't wait for the finish!
I'm in NE Iowa in between the corn field and the hog barn.
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Unfortunately I was not able to do anything this past weekend. However, my SDS shipment should be coming in tomorrow :).

I have been debating for a little while on whether or not I want to put together a How-To thread for the install itself. I have seen a few members start a thread for this type of build but they seem to not follow through with posting the entire install.
You should definitely do a "how-to thread"! That way I can just copy your build and know what I'm getting myself into. Lol

Planning on ordering one of XR's big 3 upgrade kits? I want to but I've already spent this week's budget on weathertech floor liners.

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Just called Madisound... They are saying the 6.5" silver flute woofers wont be in for another 2 weeks ( aka Early June). *sigh*.....
Guess that gives me plenty of time to get everything else done. I've been driving the Cruze back and forth to work over the last couple of days. It just floors me how bad the factory pioneer system sounds. It's like the opposite of enjoyable. I can't wait to get a decent sounding system in there but it looks like it's gonna be at least 2 more weeks. Lol

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Just out of curiosity where are are you planning on mounting your minidsp stuff? Are planning on putting it up front or in the rear near the amps? How are you planning on powering it?

Are you planning on powering the pac LOC in order to utilize the remote turn on wire? If so, how are you powering that?

The reason I ask is I'm wanting to try and not cut into the factory wiring so I can easily revert everything back to stock when needed.

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I am planning on mounting the miniDSP on the rear deck with the amps. This way I only need to run 2 rca cables from the front to the back.

Power for the miniDSP, I am planing on running a fused wire from the distro block to the miniDC.

I'm still not sure which route I'm going to go with for the remote wire. I'll have to take a closer look at the PAC LOC and see whats going on with that.
That was my thinking as well. Not only would it take less RCA's it will much easier to hide in the rear with the amps opposed to trying to find room up front. Plus, it would be simple to just run a wire from the distro block like you mentioned.

Let me know what you find with the pac loc. Being I have the upgraded pioneer system I am tempted to not use it all all and just t-tap into the factory wiring already ran to the amp. That way I don't need RCA's or remote power ran all the way from the front.

I found the pinout for the amp on here so it should be possible.

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Yeah that sucks. Kinda figured that was going to happen.

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Just got off the phone with Madisound. They said the Silver Flute Woofers just left china and should be available around the 13th of June. They will email me when they do come in.

Silver Flute UPDATE:

Email from Madisound this morning says they are expecting them in on Wed 21 June. Hope to have them in my car about 2 weeks after that.

In other news:

I am giving XR's dual 18" IB sub setup some serious consideration. Soo much cone area for so little trunk space loss.
That or one of billseast fiberglass boxes with a good sq sub.
I listen to just about everything so i'm not sure if the IB is a good all around solution or more tailored to pre 1990s stuff.

Also, I think I will get the PAC installed, run my power and ground wires and mount my amps / mini dsp this weekend.
Great news on the Silver Flutes!

Pre 1990's stuff? Lol

My knowledge on this subject is fairly limited but here's my take on it.

While I don't think an IB setup is the most ideal subwoofer configuration for EDM or dubstuff, I don't really see how you can go wrong. I choose this configuration because I wanted to be able to hear actual music coming from the subwoofers and not audio that has been "colored" by a box or port.

The other reason is space savings, my wife will still be able to fill the trunk with groceries even with "King Kong" hiding behind the rear seats.

Correct me if I'm wrong here but an IB setup isn't really much different than using a sealed but somewhat leaky enclosure which is the trunk. Your basically isolating the front waves from the back waves to avoid cancellation issues.

If you truly want sound quality and not just something that is rattling the crap out of your trunk then this seems like a very good solution.

I'll let you know my impressions in a couple weeks.

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Emailed Madisound for an update on the Silver Flutes. No reply as of yet. Also, no update on the website either.

Began running my amp power and ground wires, installed the PAC gm44 and ran my RCAs and remote wires, as well as mocking up how to mount my amps and miniDSP on the rear deck. That darn bar in the center really complicates things. The plan is to use some 3/4" MDF cut into 2" x8" strips that will go into the rear deck and hang low enough so when I mount the amp to the MDF that center bar will run right over the amp without any clearance issues.
Awesome! Your farther than me. Mind if I ask how you wired your PAC LOC? Just wondering if you wired the power and ground or just plugged it in unpowered. I don't want to "splice" into any factory wiring so I may just leave mine unpowered and just use an "add a circuit" device as the remote power for the amplifiers.

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Silver Flutes are BACK. Website will be updated either today or Monday. I just called them and placed my order :) :) :) :)
Just gonna buy a few extra. Lol

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Your making good progress.

I wrestled my LOC in today. I also ran speaker wires and RCA's on passenger side and ran my remote power wire on the driver side. Getting the trim panels back on correctly with all that extra cable under it is a daunting task.

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